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The Snappening - Wedding Photography Podcast
Episode 54: Back button focus, b&w conversion requests, and why YOU should wear a hat to weddings
December 13, 2018 Greg Campbell and Tom Stewart

Ahoy-hoy Snappers!

Today's episode is an absolute gold mine of juicy wedding photography-related nuggets. Is back-button auto-focus still useful in this age of high-tech cameras with so many reliable AF points? How do you handle a client request to convert your b&w back to colour? How do you shoot a proposal?

Thom has the Zeiss Batis 40mm f/2 and he does a quick mini-review of this brand new lens. Greg chats about why he uses the rear LCD for around 50% of his photos during a wedding day. And we also chat about our new-and-improved Snapdown intro jingle - featuring a REAL Jamaican!

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