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The Snappening - Wedding Photography Podcast
Episode 46: Should other vendors expect to pay for your images? And we go on a massive rant about styled shoots
July 24, 2018 Greg Campbell and Tom Stewart
Hey guys! We are back to our normal weekly recording schedule. Today we go in deep with some pretty interesting topics. First, I'm sure we've all been in the situation where a vendor (florist, hairdresser, venue, etc) asks us to 'take lots of photos of their work'. We chat about how to respond to this kind of question (Greg and Thom have slightly different approaches to this). This leads to a talk about styled shoots: are these kinds of 'fake weddings' damaging the industry by giving brides and grooms unrealistic expectations for their own wedding photos? Hint: YES, we think they are. We also chat about some great tips regarding accounting, Xero and SEO for your Wordpress site.

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